The Dynamic Duo

Founded by two sisters from New York City during their High School years, Climigrate is a nonprofit that seeks to educate at-risk populations on climigration (the forced migration of a population due to climate change) as well as extreme weather preparedness. Through film based outreach as well as their website,, they are facilitating a dialogue on the topics of climigration and climate refugees. Their website provides a live bulletin board of educational information, updates, and an option to donate directly to climate refugees.

About Ava

Ava Goldman (17) is a senior in high school at Eleanor Roosevelt in Manhattan. She is the founder of Climigrate, a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate communities on climate relocation "Climigration", in Alaska as well as extreme weather preparedness throughout the world.  In New York, Ava conducts research with professor Yuri Gorokhovich of Lehman College. She studies extreme weather preparedness and uses GIS mapping software to pinpoint regions in New York that are both unprepared for extreme weather (hurricanes, tornadoes etc.) and are prone to such events. Additionally, Ava was awarded by Gale Brewer to serve on community board 6 where she is the only teen serving and the second in history to be appointed this honor. Ava brings enthusiasm and action oriented youth perspective to all she does.  Bettering communities at home and abroad is her deep passion. At school, Ava is the Captain of Model UN, Finance and Investment, Euro Challenge and Track.  Additionaly, Ava is an elected member of her school Leadership Team (SLT).  Most proudly, Ava has recently been awarded Hometown Hero for her community service work.

About Brooke

Brooke Goldman (15) is a high school sophomore at Eleanor Roosevelt in New York City where she is interested in journalism and economics.  Brooke is the New York reporter for Lady Gaga's Channel Kindness, part of the Born This Way Foundation. At school, Brooke  is a founding member of her schools Euro Challenge team and co-Captain of the Finance and Investment Club.  Brooke is a U.S.O volunteer at J.F.K airport where she greets veterans and active duty soldiers and their families.  In middle school Brooke composed music with the New York Philharmonic.